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Broughton Players present a day in the life of another village through three one-act plays.

Little Gissing is a quaint, narrow-laned, hedgerow-laden village nestled in the depths of south-east England.   Locals go about their business at a slow but steady pace until October 11th & 12th when curtains start twitching and the village FB posts go crazy!  
A Neighbourhood Watch meeting takes place attended by the village stalwarts apparently keen to uphold the morals of their little patch of England.  Whilst just along from the cottage with the box hedge shaped like a ferrett the Little Gissing Cake Competition is starting to unfold – what  Surprise Gateau will be unveiled this year!?   Finally, the much awaited Little Gissing Annual Art Exhibition & Competition takes place in the village hall - with more than brushstrokes being revealed….

Buy your tickets from Barbara on 07929 456680 or email: and take your seats at Broughton Village Hall 7.30pm on October Friday 11th and Saturday 12th ready for a Little Gissing ride of morals and sweet artistry. 

£7.50 adults/£6.00 concessions